China: The United States is playing with fire by sending a military ship to the Taiwan Strait



November 23, 2021 13:59 GMT

This isn’t the first time the North American nation’s navies have demonstrated their might in the Taiwan Strait, claiming “freedom of navigation” to justify their actions.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responded to the new appearance US warship in the Taiwan StraitNoting that it is not the first time that the North American naval forces have demonstrated their strength in this area, claiming “freedom of navigation” to justify their provocations, according to the statement. Pick up local media.

America must Correct your mistakes immediately, stop teasing and playing with fireAnd […] It should play a constructive role to ensure peace and stability in the region,” the diplomat said, adding that the US Navy’s actions had nothing to do with the “free and open Indo-Pacific.” qualified The Seventh Fleet of the US Navy, but they assume deliberate interference.

A US warship returned to sail through the Taiwan Strait in the South China Sea on Tuesday. The Guided missile destroyer USS Milius made a ‘routine crossing’ Through this area through international waters, according to international law, according to the North American country.

Previously, Zhao Lijian already have announced Regarding the navigation of the US Navy in the waters of the strait, describing its maneuvers as provocations And false signals for the Taiwan independence forces that threaten regional peace.

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