China: Two typhoons have killed at least 12 people


On ChinaAt least 12 people lost their lives after this Two hurricanes will hit the central and eastern regions of the country at night This friday.

  • Cities Wuhan s Suzhou, impressed.

Various images of damage in Central and East China, It has been shared through various media.

Photo: AFP

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According to reports from local authorities on Saturday, Two violent typhoons left at least 12 dead and more than 400 injured as they passed through central and eastern China..

A fierce wind struck Friday night in town from WuhanIt is located in the center of the country and is known as the place where it is located The first cases of coronavirus infection in late 2019.

Photo: AFP

Eight people More than 200 people were killed and injuredAccording to the governorate authorities Hubei, And its capital Wuhan.

The Wind speeds reached 260 kilometers per hour And caused massive damage. Gusts of high winds Cars were destroyed, trees uprooted, and barns, electrical installations and homes were severely damaged. A total of 30 literally houses sank, according to authorities.

Photo: AFP

City Suzhou, Near A powerful typhoon also hit Shanghai Friday night, with winds of more than 200 km / hr.According to local authorities, they have achieved a balance of four dead and one missing, in addition to 130 wounded.

  • In early May a violent storm accompanied by strong winds, He left 11 people dead in a town near Shanghai.
Photo: AFP

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