Chinese influencer gets run over during live broadcast

Chinese influencer gets run over during live broadcast

in social networks The virus has spread. Chinese influencer trampled On the road while executing a live feedSo the whole incident was captured on video.

The heroine of this story is Yingying Hiking, a content creator originally from China who wanted to show her followers what it was like to walk 23 kilometers along the trail.

To do this, she positioned herself on the side of the road near Qinghai Lake, China, and while she was putting some sort of media on her camera's microphone for better surround sound, she could be seen when a small white car passed her. Suddenly, she noticed that the speed was slowing down, and the black private transport vehicle coming from behind maneuvered to avoid the collision.

But that movement on the steering wheel caused the black truck to run over the Chinese influencer, hitting her from behind while a strong crash is heard and the camera makes several turns without stopping the recording.

The black truck avoided hitting the white car, but ran over the girl.

Despite the shocking nature of the incident, fortunately, Yingying Hiking was immediately taken to Hainan People's Hospital, where she was treated. She suffered some head injuries, as well as minor scratches and injuries, but nothing life-threatening, so local media reported that she is stable and out of danger.

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