Christian workers demand the transformation of an economy of “killing” into an economy of life – Noticias Obreras

Christian workers demand the transformation of an economy of “killing” into an economy of life – Noticias Obreras
The global movement of Christian workers advocates for social justice and an economy for life. The General Assembly renews its council and the international bureau

75 delegates from the Global Movement of Christian Workers (MMTC), from 25 countries and 4 continents, met to discuss the theme “Social Justice and Economics for Life”. The meeting, which took place from March 28-31 in Lourdes, France, culminated in the MMTC’s 14th General Assembly and a public declaration on labor and the global economic situation.

According to this statement, MMTC has verified that current economic systems mainly focus on capital maximization, which leads to dehumanization and exploitation of labor as well as the deterioration of the common home. In addition, the global movement of Christian workers expressed its solidarity with the demand for “respect” demanded by French workers “for their labor rights that are threatened by the current government that intends to increase the retirement age, which affects the quality of their” life “.

This movement of Christian workers condemns the precarious situation in which young workers find themselves and the obligation in which they have to emigrate to other countries, often risking their lives and leaving their families in debt,” as happened with the tragic fire that occurred at the next-called temporary station in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, where 40 Guatemalan immigrants died. The organization appreciates, admires and encourages industrious people who are trying to create their own jobs and improve their living conditions in their country.

The MMTC also offers a call to follow the example of Jesus Christ and fight for a fairer world and an earth-friendly economy, as suggested by Pope Francis. For this reason, he asks all men and women to continue living the faith of Jesus incarnate and to motivate young people to dream and fight for a better future.

In conclusion, the General Assembly calls for an economy of peace that transforms the economy that “kills” into an economy of life. It is my hope that Jesus and the Virgin of Lourdes will give the two hard workings the strength and guidance to continue the struggle for social justice and the economy for life.

New Council and International Bureau

During the General Assembly, the members of the Council and the International Bureau were renewed. In this sense, the delegates chose L Associate chair to Christine Astorizof the Workers’ Catholic Action (ACO) in France, indeed Ngoe Tarcisio Kethingi, of the Christian Workers Movement (MTC) in Kenya; to Secretary General to Evarist Nsengumuremyi, Rwanda MTC; for responsibility treasurer to Gabriel Kinsberger, from KAB in Austria; It has been certified priest to Jose Ferreira, from MTC in Brazil. And how Consultants and advisors to Komorobuga Dick Francis Mugisafrom the Uganda Shipping Company; Machine for Alde Fabricefrom Réunion MTC; Hilda del Socorro Ruiz de Sanchezfor the Colombian MTC; Louise Barryfrom MTC in Quebec; Augustine Mangalarajfrom the Indian company MTC; actually Erich Stefanfrom KAB in Germany.

These ten elected activists make up the International Council, while the Bureau consists of the co-chairs, the Secretary-General, the Treasurer and the Chancellor, and its task is to implement the decisions of the Council.

“Re-evaluation of love in social life”

At the meeting, Pope Francis sent a message highlighting the importance of thinking about how we can improve our communities and living conditions by working in the light of the Gospel and recognizing God’s presence in our lives. “You have come from all continents to share your life experiences, to learn about God’s presence and to reflect in the light of the Gospel on how you can contribute to the betterment of our societies,” the Pope stressed.

The theme that brings together the MMTC coincides with the teaching of Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato C, where it highlights the need for politics and economics to work together for the benefit of life, especially human life. Justice is the foundation of peace, harmony and prosperity in society. Francisco asserts that social justice cannot be achieved without the light of charity.

The pope encouraged the delegates to persevere in building a more evangelical and humane world, and gave them his apostolic blessing. “To make society more humane, more worthy of man, it is necessary to re-evaluate love in social life, and to make it the standard of constant and supreme action.”

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