From lithium to supersonic aircraft and a nuclear reactor: the conditions imposed on Argentina by the United States and China

From lithium to supersonic aircraft and a nuclear reactor: the conditions imposed on Argentina by the United States and China

In the new map of geopolitical balances drawn Alberto Fernandez During the last few days in the relationship Argentina with China and the United States Show a series of Imperative conditions that the government must accept To maintain liaison with each of the superpowers involved.

meeting Alberto Fernandez with Joe Biden In the White House, on the one hand, and at the same time, The imminent trip of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, to Beijing They brought back the agenda of claims and ultimatums imposed on Argentina by the administrations of China and the United States.

After Massa’s round, the IMF formally approved the fourth revision of the agreement and released the disbursement

The five keys to Alberto Fernandez’s meeting with Joe Biden at the White House

It is not easy for Argentina to please the two superpowers, which today are fiercely fighting for supremacy over the world.

President Biden offered to support Fernandez in his debt negotiations with the International Monetary Fund. But he also made clear the need for giving Continued cooperation in the important energy and mineral sectors. In other words, Washington will endorse it blackboard From the Fund to Argentina as long as the rules of the game are maintained regarding investments in key metals such as lithium or projects in Vaca Muerta.

Argentine Ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argelo He endorsed this idea by saying that “The main investor of Argentina in the last 100 years has been the United States, Consider the passes individually. Therefore, there must be an attitude and effectiveness that leads to strengthening the economic link with the United States.”

During his time in New York he dined with investors he had gathered Council of the Americas who is driving Susan SegalPresident Alberto Fernandez received a strong warning signal. There have been allegations from North American businessmen regarding Changes in the rules of the game, legal insecurity, barriers to imports and the exchange rate which they receive in Argentina.

On the other hand, it has been learned that the Biden administration has once again set the stage for Alberto Fernandez on issues of concern to Washington: 5G rollout in China In Argentina, the purchase of military aircraft from Beijing, control of Chinese operations at the Neucon space station, and Beijing’s eventual landing of the capital at the port of Ushuaia.

Alberto Fernandez and his US counterpart, Joe Biden

not only this. In terms of international relations, there were more warnings from Washington towards Argentina. “The meeting with Biden and Fernandez was successful, although it should be noted that the United States made it clear The need for another condemnation of Russia for invading Ukraine And that he expects the Argentine government to strongly reject the violation of human rights in the country Cuba, Nicaragua, and VenezuelaL. said the historian Louis SavinoAnd Director of the Outreach Center for American Studies at the State Department.

Faced with all these questions, Ambassador Arguello told this medium: “We are Establishing a virtuous and positive agenda between both passes. This explains President Biden’s call for Alberto Fernandez. The two Heads of State shared similar views on various issues on the global agenda and work together in different multilateral organizations. Bilateral relations were strengthened at the beginning of the third century of diplomatic relations between Argentina and the United States.

on the contrary, John Paul Laporte, One international affairs specialist and CARI advisory member believes that “the government’s temporary requests to cooperate in negotiations with the IMF, was a response to structural issues for the United States: Hidrova and its potential grant to a Chinese economic union, Ensuring competition in the 5G tender, stopping the construction of Atucha III, denying China the construction of the Ushuaia port, and preventing the purchase of military aircraft.

Massa visit

he May 8, Minister Massa arrives in Beijing To sign the final agreement of plan Sector cooperation and the Silk Road What to include More than 20 infrastructure projects funded by China And connect them with railways, dams, gas pipeline, water treatment plant, bridges and overpasses.

As far as he can know the historian It is located at about a 60 page document Which includes scientific, educational, cultural and sports cooperation, development of tourism, cooperation in nuclear affairs and communications.

Sergio Massa on his recent visit to the United States

In that intention note Expanding China Barter by $5 billion For continuous use by the central bank. But the central axis is an unavoidable condition for management Xi Jinping During this agreement is that there is a commitment from Argentina to advance in Building a nuclear power plant With Chinese technology.

For China Construction of the nuclear power plant With funding of about 8,000 million US dollars, the installation in Campana is crucial He put his foot forward as the first concrete nuclear development project With its own technology latin america. Since 2013, Argentina has postponed the implementation of this project For various reasons. Now in China, they’re excited about being able to shut it down once and for all.

“The plan that Massa will sign is the indicative program for our bilateral relations, in addition, There the main axes of our relationship and the list of projects are consolidated He will get financing from China. the historian Argentine Ambassador to Beijing Sabino Vaca Narvaga.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is the main planning body for the Chinese economy and carries out, among other tasks, cooperation with countries committed to the Sector and the Road. “Today’s China has developed the whole chain of electric mobility and we are ahead in the manufacture of lithium in Argentina with Chinese capital.

so by saying, That production of batteries with Argentine lithium It becomes another central prerogative of the Xi Jinping administration in its association with Argentina.

Argentine lithium has become a metal that is in great demand all over the world

In fact, there are already Chinese companies that have signed agreements with them YPF Lithium and YPF Tec are jointly developing batteriesIt is planned to install an electric vehicle factory for Chery and other leading companies in this sector.

Former Argentine ambassador to China and benchmark for macrismo, Diego Gellar He said, “There is no need to fear a rapprochement between Argentina and China. This is inevitable because they are a global power with the United States. The issue is that they do it with balance.”

This scenario is confirmed by international analyst Juan Batalem in his thesis on foreign policy and international security: “Argentina must pivot between a force that defends its position and another that is willing to act as its competitor.”

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