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A man from Gulf Breeze, a city in northwest Florida (United State), who remembers a bad Christmas because it was cold while raising her daughters, decided last December to pay utility bills for several families for the third year in a row, raising more than $96,000 in donations.

Mike OsmondThe 75-year-old returned to his Christmas donations by paying nearly $4,600 last week to 29 bills, bringing his total donations this year to about $85,000 and over the past three years to more than 96,000, he said Friday. Local TV 10.

In December 2019, Mike Osmond, the owner of a pool cleaning company in Pensacola, paid utility bills to 36 families to protect, as he did in 1983, from running out of electricity, water, or gas over Christmas.

Then, after donating about $12,000 over the past two Christmas seasons to pay basic utility bills for Gulf Breeze residents, Esmond received an “A Nut Above” campaign check from Planters Confectionery, for being a good Samaritan.

Since early 2021, Esmond has used the money from the check, $104,000, to help more Gulf Breeze families at risk of having their utilities cut off, paying 667 bills, totaling about $80,000, details 10 local.

“In other words, I paid everyone’s delinquent account for a period, between March and August, like six months in a row.” Esmond, a US Army veteran commented.

December 1983 reached temperatures of 10 degrees Fahrenheit (-12 degrees Celsius) according to Weather Underground, and Esmond and his three daughters were cut off from electricity or heating because they couldn’t pay their bills.

‘We had no heat that year and it was the lowest temperature ever recorded in Pensacola. We had snowflakes hanging from the windows’, aseguró Esmond al Pensacola News Journal.

Esmond said that with the Planters campaign money he donated during 2021, he wasn’t initially planning on donating again this holiday season, but the idea of ​​inspiring others led him to continue the tradition.

“You know, it’s not just about paying those 29 bills, it’s about the happiness that this brings to so many people in the United States and around the world.” Esmond said.

“I have countless letters, sections, and emails from people,” Reassure the donor.

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