CIA Director Secretly Meets Taliban Leader in Kabul

CIA Director Secretly Meets Taliban Leader in Kabul

The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, american intelligence agency, William Burns, A secret meeting was held on Monday in Acceptance With the co-founder of Taliban Abdul Ghani BardarI mentioned this Tuesday Diario The Washington Post.

It’s the highest level meeting so far between the United States and the fundamentalist regime since its return to power.

resolution The President of the United States, Joe Biden, Burns’ dispatch, often portrayed as its most experienced diplomat, illustrates the severity of the crisis for his administration, which is evacuating thousands of people around the clock. Americans and Afghans.

The From Abdul Ghani Baradar Who headed the political office of the Taliban movement in Qatar, is the new strongman of the regime that took power in Kabul.

When contacted by Agence France-Presse spokesman for the Ministry of Defense CIA He did not confirm the meeting, explaining that the agency “never talked about the director’s movements.”

The Washington Post did not reveal the content of the talks, but it likely revolved around delaying evacuations from the Afghan capital’s airport, where thousands of people are waiting in horror at the Islamists’ return, waiting to board a plane to leave the country. Country.

The Americans Evacuation efforts are intensifying on Tuesday after warnings from the Taliban that they will not tolerate such operations after a week.

. virtual summit G7 This Tuesday also discuss this issue.

professional diplomat, William Burns He was ambassador to Russia and Jordan, and then undersecretary of state to former President Barack Obama.

At that time, he led a rapprochement with Iran with secret negotiations in 2011 and 2012 in Oman with this country, despite the absence of relations. Diplomatic relations with the United States.

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