Colombia. Grandpa buries himself alive because there is no water, electricity or food

Colombia.  Grandpa buries himself alive because there is no water, electricity or food

Luis Miguel Lopez, 74, decided to bury himself in his home Colombia To protest the level of abandonment at which she finds herself.

Everyone in the area knows him, and they know that he was abandoned, little by little, out of poverty. As for his sons, they each have their own problems, and due to the lack of work, they say that they cannot help him.

He lives in a precarious and unsanitary hut built of cans and wood that hardly protects him from the cold at night. It has no light, no water, no way to cook anything to eat. He says that since the thieves stole all his work materials and stabbed him, he has lost his only way to survive.

He also states that he asked for help from the Bogotá Mayor’s Office, from the Secretariat for Social Integration, and that he knocked on several doors to ask for some kind of help, but the doors were always closed in his face.

That’s why, he says, he decided to dig his grave in the middle of what was his home. Little by little he opened a hole in the ground and when he finally finished he went in and covered himself with the ground until only his head was visible.

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When his neighbors learned of the situation, they did their best to help him, but Don Luis refused to come out of his grave. He wanted someone to realize his suffering and the suffering of all the old people living in that area of ​​the city.

The arrival of the official Bogota fire department and the Ministry of Health was necessary to help the elderly and get them out of the place where he was buried for several hours, which seriously affected his health.

Grandfather was taken in an ambulance to a medical center where he spent the night and early morning under medical evaluation and supervision, but if no one helped him he would return to his farm without any chance of a decent life.

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