Putin survived an assassination attempt with cancer, Ukraine’s top military commander said

Putin survived an assassination attempt with cancer, Ukraine’s top military commander said

Russian President, Russian President Vladimir Putinsurvived Assassination attempt It was launched shortly after it invaded Ukraine and is cancer patientThe head of Ukraine’s military intelligence said on Tuesday.

There was an attempt to assassinate Putin … It was even said that he was attacked by representatives of the Caucasus, not so long ago. ” Ukrainian newspaper, Pravda, Ukraine.

This is non-public information. [Fue un] The official added, “A completely unsuccessful attempt, but it did happen… It was two months ago.”

The Caucasus region includes some Russian territories, including North Ossetia, Alania and Chechnya, as well as non-Russian countries such as Georgia and Azerbaijan, which were once part of the Soviet Union.

Putin has cancer

Budanov’s comments are part of an extended interview in which it is also assumed that The Russian president suffers from “cancer” and other “serious” diseases.

Yes, we fully confirm this information. “He suffers from several serious diseases, one of which is cancer,” Budanov said.

The military high command emphasized that Putin had significantly reduced the number of people in his inner circle.

Relatively few people go to it now. He was keeping everyone at a distance, Budanov said, without naming him.

Regarding a potential successor, he said, Putin still clings to power.

Budanov predicted that the Russian president would die in disgrace, similar to dictators like Saddam Hussein in Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi in Libya.

They all ended the same way and Putin will end the same way.”

In a previous interview with British media, Sky NewsBudanov had confirmed that the Russian president’s health was deteriorating, even mentioned an alleged coup in Russia, and said he expected a change of leadership in the Kremlin by the end of the year.


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