Company/WellWo’s comprehensive corporate occupational health and wellness programs

Company/WellWo’s comprehensive corporate occupational health and wellness programs

Occupational health is a specialty that includes a variety of factors. They must be preserved, both to protect the integral welfare of the workers and to benefit the work environment, as well as the companies in which these workers work. For this, there are tools such as WellWo that allow, through the use of dedicated software, to integrate occupational health into the corporate agenda.

WellWo comprehensive occupational health and wellness programs

WellWo is a company whose goal is to improve the well-being of collaborators and workers. You can also make a positive impact on the six main pillars of your health, through our audiovisual content. In this way, it focuses on promoting healthy lifestyle habits that include physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social and financial health.

This makes it possible to create a better work environment, which makes it possible to reduce absenteeism, retain talent and increase team motivation. This leads to improving the company’s image and obtaining results in it. WellWo makes this possible with a SaaS platform implementation tailored to each customer. Likewise, it is customized and adapted to the corporate image of each of them. It is available in six languages, in up to ten embeddable modules.

The importance of occupational health

Occupational health is responsible for protecting everyone who may be affected by the occupational environment in any of its aspects. This is related to the risks of the work tasks they perform or issues related to stress and emotions. In this way, they prefer to build a suitable professional environment, with fair conditions, where workers and collaborators can carry out their tasks in a dignified environment.

Occupational health is defined by the World Health Organization as a multidisciplinary activity that promotes and protects the health of workers. Therefore, it is understood as reducing or eliminating risk factors within the workplace. All according to the job and the tasks that the worker performs in particular. To achieve this goal, safety at work, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and applied psychosocial and occupational medicine are taken into account. All these disciplines are closely related to occupational health in its various aspects.

In short, occupational health is promoted with WellWo in such a way that the well-being of workers is improved. Likewise, it allows for better corporate functioning.

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