Emotional Well-Being of Teams, Key to 2023 HR Strategy::

Emotional Well-Being of Teams, Key to 2023 HR Strategy::

The beginning of the year is an important moment for companies. It’s time to review and suggest what has been achieved in recent months goals and needs in the coming quarters. Human resource managers are no strangers to this dynamic: they are responsible for promoting the well-being of the workforce and putting it at service Smarter productivity.

In order to be successful in their mission, they need to promote some causes that, when functioning properly, make a difference compared to their competitors. Many of these companies in 2023 will join those that already have help from health experts to give their results the final push.

I feel Is responsible for supplying large companies b A complete emotional well-being service for your employees. Thanks to its constant communication with many HR managers from all sectors, this digital platform collects their demands for improvement people’s quality of life for which they are responsible. As a result of these requests, I have prepared an internal Human Resources Key Needs Report, which will set the direction in this area for the year that has just begun.

In this sense, conclusions at the end of the year are decisive: people come first, especially in times of great change and uncertainty. In fact, solicit training, counseling, and other healthcare resources from expert psychologists at Labor welfare multiplied by 4 Since January 2022, this trend is expected to consolidate in the coming months.

As evidenced by the internal report of ifel about the Trends for 2023 in the field of human resourcesOne of the biggest concerns for companies is to reduce Absence from work Work on those stimuli that are related to the psychological discomfort of the employees. Organizations realize that this cannot be achieved without integrating work in a healthy way among other aspects of employees’ lives.

In addition, about 65% of large companies are primarily concerned with improving interdepartmental communication and team cohesion, followed by interest in increasing the ability to self-care for global well-being.

In this way, from the service of emotional well-being to comp ifel provides rapport main needs It is expressed by large companies and will set the trend in the field of human resources by 2023.

Key HR needs for 2023

1. Improve communication between departments

As the company grows, its structure becomes more complex. Therefore, good internal communication is essential to improve performance. Unfortunately, it is often an area where conflicts or shortcomings arise Those responsible for human resources need to lighten up.

2. Consolidation of distributed teams

Remote work, mixed formats, departments divided into different countries, languages, time zones … Maintain team cohesion Despite the difficulties, effective coordination of tasks continues anxiety radar within the field of people management.

3. Increased emotional intelligence

the emotional smartness It’s a set of skills essential to successful relationships, also at work. That’s why HR managers Seek professional help to increase their skills and his team in this region.

4. Nurturing interaction with colleagues

Touch is affectionate but it also has other effects that need to be handled properly. So, HR managers keep asking for help In areas such as conflict resolution, improving social skills, active listening or the ability to give/receive feedback.

5. Promote mental health self-care in the office

All of the above topics are related Staff welfare. However, HR managers also look for training and information to empower their team members and Promote the acquisition of good practices For mental health care on and off work. They know it’s essential to prevent issues like burnout, as well as excessive stress and anxiety caused by work, which is why they need the help of full emotional wellbeing services from companies like ifel.

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