Leon: Cobarmix requests termination of IMSS Los Naranjos Family Medicine Unit No. 60

Leon: Cobarmix requests termination of IMSS Los Naranjos Family Medicine Unit No. 60

Leon, Guanajuato. – You have to find a way Faster the End affiliate Family Medicine Unit No. 60 of IMSS Los Naranjos De Leon to start providing services in parallel to solve the legal problem, he said Hector Rodriguez VelazquezPresident of Coparmex Leon.

The problem for which the construction of this clinic, which is 85% complete, is “halted” leaves a lesson that when bidding is called, the problem is that construction companies comply with certain requirements and that it is legally problematic that they are high-quality construction in a timely and appropriate manner.

At least here in León or Guanajuato when you start building and when you go to bid on government things, initially, companies have to be on one list of contractors in the state government.

“And that’s an automatic filter because in order to get in they ask you a series of things to see if you have the powers and the capabilities to comply, the capital and the knowledge and the experience because if a company is dedicated to doing hydraulic works and then all of a sudden it makes docks like there is no case,” he said.

Today Morning He published that the construction of IMSS Family Medicine Unit No. 60, in Los Naranjos, was halted due to the bankruptcy of the construction company and that the abandonment in which it was found was evident, despite the fact that it was not completed even from the outside it looks like an old hospital.

All property deteriorates when they are abandoned and when they resume work they will have to check its condition, it is important for the clinic to be finished and work to start as soon as possible. You have to review what’s happening because the worst case is that the person who pays for it is the people who could be receiving the care,” he said.

The businessman stressed that it is also important when awarding construction contracts for such works to verify that the companies have been formally formed, that the domicile exists, and that there is a legal representative.

“By this, they are protecting themselves in a way to reduce this kind of thing. In this case, I don’t know where the construction company is coming from because these tenders are federal, but it is worth reviewing, but one has to be very careful with the procedures for hiring works and not just because one raises one’s hand.” And it is the cheapest won.

“But you also have to check and verify that the company has economic and moral solvency, and that it has a proven track record and experience to ensure that the work can be carried out in a timely manner,” he said.

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