Comparing American Vaccines to Jews Persecuted by the Nazis



05/29/2021 –

CAs we said yesterday, it is expedient to obtain large doses of the power to surprise when one approaches theses and arguments. Conspiracy. They were already with us before the coronavirus pandemic, applying their strange “ interpretations ” to other events (conspiracies Reptiles, Etc.). Now, they have taken this simply to develop their basic theories: for example, most “explanations” about the origin and development of the epidemic are nothing but an application of their theories about “New world system”, Which in turn is an update of old theories Anti-Semitic That start from The Sin Sages Protocol, Which in turn is a mystery to Tsar of RussiaMore.

What happens is that when you conspire, you end up in confusing terms. A few days ago, the issue of the star was rumored Disney Close to the theories of the extreme right in the United StatesGina CaranoBy comparing the rejection of the ideas you claim to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, this strange comparison is now being developed in the world of vaccine control.

As you know, anti-vaccines have predicted all kinds of evils due to the vaccination campaign, in parallel with their declaration of “no harm” or “no” epidemic. Logically, since your expectations were not met, They have gone on to denounce discrimination against those who exercise the freedom not to be vaccinated. They are not few in the United States in particular.

So, the congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-GreenRepublican and Trump backer, of course. Compare Inoculation badge Used by employees who have been vaccinated against Coronavirus in the supermarket to refer back to The yellow star that the Third Reich forced the Jews to wear. In this case, the “star” will not bear the emblem: “Inoculated personnel receive a vaccination emblem like the Nazis who forced Jews to wear a yellow star. Vaccination passports The obligation to wear a mask creates discrimination against those who have not been vaccinated. ”Specifically, employees wear the vaccination badge because the mask is no longer mandatory in some states.

Then he bounced back somewhat after being greeted Criticism of Jews, Holocaust survivors, and the leadership of the Republican Party itself: I have never compared it to the Holocaust, Only with discrimination against Jews In the early years of Nazism, “said Taylor Greene. During the events caused by supporters of Donald Trump after his electoral defeat, Taylor Green supported the conspiracy movement. QununAnd some comments could infer threats to democratic leaders.

Although linked to the extreme right, as is evident in the case of the United States, Anti-vaccination movements and conspiracy often hint at the Third Reich when speaking of the “discrimination” to which its members are subjected.. In fact, before the pandemic they had already distributed spots in which the aforementioned Star of David was imitated, and some of its members identified themselves as “unvaccinated.” Now they condemn that the “advantages” of the “vaccinators” discriminate against them …

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