Conor McGregor has a multi-million dollar business in Mexico


It will not be a fight against Canelo Alvarez. On the other hand Connor McGregor has a multi-million dollar business in Mexico He wouldn’t ask him for any punishment after the hard knockout loss he suffered Dustin Poirier In his last show in UFC, which, among other things, thwarted the investigation of a battle against Shooting whose negotiations had already progressed.

On this occasion, the work of the Irishman is going in a different way. It’s about selling your own brand of whiskey Correct number 12 for the mexican company BecomeAnd the The famous tequila producer Jose CuervoAnd the Through a number calculated around 130 million dollars.

The Mexican company already owns 49 percent of the shares Air Born Souls, a company with which he launched his whiskey fighter in 2018, but has now taken over the remaining 51 percent, capitalizing on the popularity of that spirit, whose sales have greatly increased billionaire McGregor’s fortune.

Forbes ranked McGregor 16th on the list of the world’s highest-paid athletes for all of 2020Thanks to her income of $16 million from endorsement deals and another $32 million in salary/earnings.

And although he was dealt a severe blow at the sporting level due to the knockout inflicted on him by Pourier at the end of January, he also did well in economic terms, as he earned about $ 20 million. Without a doubt, the Irish money-making machine.

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