Consume UdeC’s Prestigious Medical School: Rector


* The rector said the scientific work of this academic community accumulates just over ten percent of production generated by UdeC over the course of the year.

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Colima, Colonel – After Dr. José Enrique Barrios Navarro, Director of the College of Medicine of the University of Colima, presented his annual report on the work to the Technical Council of his campus, Rector Cristian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zerminio said: The results fill us with pride because it is a representative campus in the history of the university, and has She contributed with her work in completing the prestige of the institution in these 81 years.”

In this sense, he continued, “The high demand for income is understood through its educational programs as a benchmark at the state, regional and national level. In this complex year, the participation of students and teachers to confront and contain the pandemic has gained social recognition for the role of the physician.”

Likewise, he emphasized that postgraduate studies are part of the National Quality Program for Postgraduate Studies, a status that enriches the university, and that accreditation by external organizations gives certainty to young people that they are receiving quality training. Likewise, he recognized the scientific output of this community, which accumulates just over ten percent of the production generated by UdeC over the course of the year.

Finally, he congratulated the Campus Director on the recognition that the H State Congress gave him a few days ago for his career and contributions to health for the benefit of the State of Colima.

In his report, Enrique Barrios Navarro said that the results obtained “reflect the efforts and work of the staff and students whose dedication and commitment to the current situation contributed to the achievement of this year’s goals.”

He also pointed out that the College of Medicine offers degrees in surgery, midwifery and nutrition, in addition to masters and doctorates in medical sciences and physiological sciences. Likewise, as part of its educational programs, this campus teaches the specialties of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Anesthesiology, General Surgery, Traumatology, Orthopedics, Geriatrics and Surgical Medical Emergencies.

It should be noted that school enrollment for the course of surgeon and midwife in September 2021 – February 2022 is 666 students, of whom 437 are women, which is 65.62 percent of the total, while in nutrition there are a total of 133 students, of which 80.45 are women.

He said that the masters and doctorate in physiological sciences, masters in medical sciences (international) and doctorate in medical sciences, are at the level of consolidation, and reported that this year they worked on curriculum adjustments through research, academic and technological mediation and accompanying students.

Among other important findings, compliance for all undergraduate degree educational programs was reported concurrently, the retention rate from first semester to third semester was maintained at 87.30 percent, and approval in both grades was 98.19 percent.

The undergraduate programs follow the EGEL accreditation standard and are high performing, he said, adding that postgraduate courses in medical and physiological sciences and specialization in trauma medicine and orthopedics are on the National Registry of High-Quality Postgraduate Programs (PNPC).

Regarding postgraduate activities, it reported that research projects suspended due to the pandemic have been resumed, and the 35th Doctor’s Week and 10 Nutrition Days have been virtually broadcast, reaching an audience of 560 participants.

Finally, he said that the College of Medicine, on his behalf, is part of the operational leadership of the state of CoVid-19, and that during this year he participated in 16 analytical meetings and three sessions of the State Bioethics Committee to integrate committees in hospitals. He also participated in the state health commission, proposed providing mental health services to health workers, and said the university’s mental health program continues to serve college students.

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