Cordoba judge advances against one coin

Cordoba judge advances against one coin

The company is led by Roja Ignatova and her brother Konstantin Ignatov, who are detained in the United States. There are 14 accused of the alleged illicit association.

One life, The crypto OneCoin, brought it to Cordoba as a company of international scope led by a Bulgarian woman, named Roja Ignatova. As in the case of Generación Zoe, this company offered returns in dollars and cryptocurrencies from a large initial investment.

And like the company led by Leonardo Cusitorto, things didn’t go as expected.

Although Ignatova’s whereabouts remain unknown, the Cordoba District Judge and the Comprehensive Crimes Prosecutor’s Office, responsible for Enrique Javier, requested that the file be referred to trial. While waiting for a file 14 members involved have been arrested.

In addition, the alleged illegal association is not limited to the province of Córdoba, where there will be victims in: Jujuy, Chaco, Buenos Aires, Formosa.

Cordoba can advance against one coin

How was the One Life scam?

company One life Offered, based on a contract, access to a membership, which would make them users of financial and business services.

To get started, those interested had to make a profile Initial investment of $60,000 USD.

Once deposited, a package of financial information and a certain amount of tokens can be accessed, with the promise of converting them into the expected cryptocurrency.

However, in 2017, Ignatova disappeared and nothing has been heard from her since.

Internal documents show that $526 million came from China in 2016.

Contributions were also made from South Korea, Hong Kong and Germany. Even in poor countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and Uganda, there were people sharing large sums of money, according to The Missing Cryptoqueen, by BBC Mundo.

typical ponzi scheme

typical ponzi scheme

Beginning of the End

The company behind this ICO refuse The accusations of being a fraud state that “OneCoin cIt meets all criteria for defining a cryptocurrency. ”

It also ensures that the BBC’s audio broadcast into which Jimmy Bartlett is investigating the woman behind OneCoin “does not provide any real information and cannot be considered objective or impartial”.

Specialists in the cryptocurrency world announced the case. Someone compared OneCoin to Bitcoin.

The difference is that the latter has a blockchain behind it, which is the backbone of the technology.

It is a public, traceable, and encrypted accounting record of all network operations. OneCoin lacks and lacks those characteristics.

The company also claims that accusations against it around the world are being questioned.

In this way, he says: “Our partners, clients and lawyers are winning battles around the world against those who say so and we are sure it will soon be recognized as a ‘financial revolution’.”

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