La Nacion / Paraguay and Guatemala agree on joint solutions to revitalize the economy

La Nacion / Paraguay and Guatemala agree on joint solutions to revitalize the economy

The countries of Paraguay and Guatemala share the same vision of working together for economic revitalization after the pandemic, agreeing that they must strengthen themselves in bilateral trade and attract investments as solutions to the problem after the healthy context.

Thus, what they referred to after a meeting held yesterday by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay Julio Cesar Areola and Mario Pecaro Flores of Guatemala in the framework of the Ninth Summit of the Americas, which begins today and continues until June 10 in Los Angeles. , California, United States.

Both stressed that the bilateral relations between the Republic of Paraguay and the Republic of Guatemala remain at an excellent and positive level, due to the vision of joint action and shared values.

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Such initiatives facilitate bilateral relations, trade, and the search for joint solutions for the desired economic revitalization after the pandemic, as well as tracking investors to contribute to the economic development of both countries.

In this sense, one of the latest bets of the Guatemalan capital can be mentioned, from a business group dedicated to the production of paints, which has invested 15 million US dollars to purchase a factory in the city of Yipany, Central Province. From there, it is distributed over the region, in addition to the expected employment of 150 people in 2022.

The meeting was also conducive for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Areola and his Guatemalan counterpart to express the current concern at the continental level about the increase in transnational organized crime and the need to unite efforts to combat this regional scourge.

The foreign ministers’ bilateral meeting was also attended by the Director-General of Bilateral Policy of the Paraguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Helena Felipe. The temporary representative of our country to the Organization of American States, Minister Raúl Martinez, and Guatemalan Ambassador to the Organization of American States, Rita Claverie Díaz de Scully.

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