The fundraising campaign for donating wheelchairs will start

The fundraising campaign for donating wheelchairs will start
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Wednesday, June 15th will be the international launch of the “Wheels of Hope” song and music fundraising campaign, organized by the Wheels Of Happiness Foundation.

The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds to donate at least 250 wheelchairs. Improvement of the medical clinic for people with mobility disabilities and the renovation of the wheelchair repair workshop owned by this institution in Valencia, Venezuela. At the same time, through this campaign, we want to raise awareness regarding spinal cord injuries and mobility impairments.

Lucio Herrera Gubera, songwriter and general manager of the . campaign Happiness Wheels Foundation (Wheels Of Happiness) in Venezuela, noted that this US-based organization provides support to people with spinal cord injuries and/or motor disabilities who live in Venezuela, the United States, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Kenya, and/or Uganda.

More than 85% of people with mobility impairments use technical aids (prostheses, cane, walker, orthopedic car, crutches, or wheelchair) to carry out their daily activities.

The Happiness Wheels Foundation, works to provide this technical support to those who do not have the resources to acquire it. The reason why it is necessary to contribute to the campaign urgently “Wheels of Hope” Which focuses on helping those most in need to reintegrate into society in a productive way, and lead a more quality life.

Herrera explained that prior to the donation, a social study is conducted on each applicant to determine the type of wheelchair or instrument that best suits their needs.

“We do so much more than just provide wheelchairs, we want everyone who asks us for help to achieve a full, productive, quality life.”

Herrera invites people, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to make their contributions from now on (in the pre-campaign phase) to do so on the web through which they will become beneficiaries of this work, positively helping to transform the lives of people with spinal cord injuries.

In turn, he indicated that they can write to e-mail [email protected] Where he himself will answer your concerns. “With each contribution we will be able to buy from one wheel to hundreds of chairs” he stressed that there are important rewards for companies, as it is a project that involves corporate social responsibility.

He also called on those interested in cooperating to register for To receive campaign updates.

related to “Wheels of Hope” Lucio Herrera indicated that the musical crowdfunding campaign, which will start on Wednesday, June 15, was not published because it was inspired by the song he composed, which was produced between Venezuela and Spain with the direction and musical arrangement of Spanish professor Francisco Carrera. .

In addition, a music video was created with the participation of the famous flamenco dancer and choreographer Diana Patricia “La Macarena del Mundo”, and there is also the participation of prominent singers of the tropical genre.

Herrera also noted that for both corporate and private sponsors, among the benefits to be obtained, there is the possibility of obtaining exclusive tickets to a concert (in person and live), where this musical theme will be presented live and other guest artists will attend.

Those interested in supporting this charitable cause can register now at To receive more information.

Herrera Gubera took the opportunity to thank the companies inside and outside Venezuela, the organizations and associations that have come together to support this noble cause.

He explained that there is currently an initial group of sponsors and allies, while they continue to work on adding new companies and institutions that meet every day with the conviction to contribute so that more people who need it will have a wheelchair.

Currently, the primary sponsors and allies are: OL Baseball Group, Thomas Pheasant Studio, Coca-Cola, Cerámicas Carabobo, SACA; Fulgor, Centro Venezolano Americano Carabobo, CEVAC, Carabobo State Executives Association, AEEC, DisCapacity0, Juan XXIII Educational Institute, Emanagers Music.

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