Could you be allergic to cold? This says science

Could you be allergic to cold?  This says science

Winter is already in full swing and the first Seasonal diseases; However, there is one that is rarely taken into account, but very real: sensitivity to cold.

Although it sounds like a joke, the truth is that it can be sensitivity to coldand not in a figurative sense, but in a real thing that can cause various inconveniences to those who suffer from it.

According to various studies, an allergy to cold can occur in 1 in 100,000 people; but because disease sign that it provides, is rarely identified as such.

Moreover, those who are sensitive to cold don’t just suffer from hypothermia temperatureAnd also when eating frozen foods such as ice cream.

This, according to the US National Institutes of Health.

cold in mexico (Dark Room / Rogelio Morales Ponce)

What causes a cold allergy?

the sensitivity to cold is reason histamine;a compound found inside our bodies that is released in the immune system upon perceiving an evil agent.

When a person is allergic to cold, histamine responds explosively, altering the functions of the entire body, especially the nervous and immune systems.

It can be said that Histamine “thinks” that a cold is a virus or germ Who should fight him. But when this is not the case, the body attacks itself, causing different reactions.

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cold in mexico

cold in mexico (Dark Room / Crisanta Espinosa Aguilar)

What are the symptoms of a cold allergy?

In general, the Cold allergy symptoms They are the same as other allergies, ranging from hives and nasal congestion, to potential anaphylaxis.

However, they can also produce symptoms very similar to the common cold, such as coughing, a hoarse voice, sneezing, runny nose, or fatigue.

Hence it is believed that the person has flu Not allergic to cold.

Common symptoms of a cold allergy are as follows:

  • Runny nose
  • Tired
  • Throat pain
  • urticaria;
  • Skin rash
  • swells
  • Headache
  • breathing difficulties

Now, there is a way to determine if a person has a cold allergy or just a cold, and that has to do with a fever.

When you are allergic to cold, fever is never a symptom; However, this can appear when you are suffering from a respiratory disease.

In addition, it must be taken into account the time during which the symptoms last, because in Cold These do not last more than two weeks.

While cold allergy is present, it will last as long as you are exposed to it.

Monterrey weather

Monterrey weather (Gabriela Perez/Quartoscuro)

How is cold allergy treated?

Those who suffer from allergies are usually prescribed a cold antihistamines To prevent severe reactions, and Adrenaline For hives and lung problems.

In addition, it is recommended not to consume very cold foods and drinks, as well as to avoid exposing themselves to it frigid climates.

Apart from this, there is no treatment by itself to cure cold allergy. Therefore, those who suffer from it are advised to take precautions in the winter.

With information from the US National Institutes of Health.

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