The democratic way is medicine for Peru: AMLO

The democratic way is medicine for Peru: AMLO

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President Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that the “medicine” for L Peru’s political struggle He is resorting to the democratic method and calling for elections as soon as possible. He warned that the government of the Andean country could not continue the same repressive policy.

in that morning conference The head of the National Palace indicated that, despite many attempts to hide it, the international media covered the protests and political disputes taking place in Peru.

“But there is no doubt that the world sees what happened in Peru, and I don’t think they dare to continue with the same repressive policy and from that an agreement is reached and I think that is the best thing, with the time needed to schedule an election.” The democratic way is medicine for Peru, and we hope it will be resolvedcommented.

López Obrador lamented that in the past six years Peru had changed its president on at least five occasions, although he warned that it was mainly because interests of a dominant group This does not allow people, especially those who live in the mountains, to participate in public life, “to exercise their political rights and to have a real democracy.

In addition, he took the opportunity to rebuke the position of the US ambassador in the conflict, since BCIt is an intrusive position It is related to the policies of the so-called Monroe Doctrine.

He warned that “therefore, yes, something must be done with regard to the autonomy and independence of the peoples, and I think that these conservatives will also understand that there will be no political stability if the democratic path is not guaranteed.”


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