Cowboys, pirates and cardinals chase the Packers for control of the NFC

Cowboys, pirates and cardinals chase the Packers for control of the NFC

Mathematical Writing, Dec. 22 (EFE). The Green Bay Packers are confident of a good moment for Marma Aaron Rodgers to be able to withstand the siege of the Dallas Cowboys, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Arizona Cardinals seeking to snatch the top of the conference from their NFL Nationals.

In Week 16 of the NFL starting this Thursday, the Packers, 11-3, will not be able to fail on Saturday against the Browns because they only have an advantage over Dallas, Tampa Bay and Arizona, all three by 10-4.

NFC Green Bay number one favorite in their match against Cleveland, 7-7; But the same was said a week ago about one of their pursuers, the Cardinals, who fell abruptly against the worst team in the conference, the Lions 2-11-1.

It all goes through Aaron Rodgers, 38, a three-time MVP and six Pro Bowl picks, in a season in which he completed 67 percent of his passes, had 30 touchdowns and had only four interceptions.

Additionally, in the Week 15 game in which the Packers beat the Ravens 31-30, Rodgers tied historic quarterback Brett Favre for 442 TDs, a sign he has a high chance of beating Brown.

Cleveland fared poorly, one of the teams hardest hit by COVID-19 with more than 20 players testing positive.

The Cowboys are second in the NFC despite quarterback Dak Prescott, who since returning from a calf injury has thrown 11 touchdowns and seven interceptions in seven games.

Despite the quarterback’s antics, Dallas remains the top attacking player in the league.

The task of beating Washington does not seem too complicated if we take into account that in Week 14 they have already defeated him in the US capital, as well as the fact that Ron Rivera’s team reduced their chances after the season after losing to Philadelphia.

The Buccaneers, like the Packers, rely on the trail of their quarterback to maintain their chance of being number one in the NFC. Tom Brady, a record for the most Pro Bowl picks with 15, leads the second strongest attack in the league.

He will face Tampa Bay Carolina, 5-9, a team that has almost no chance after the season is over, the last place in the Southern Division where the Buccaneers are the favorites for the title this week.

There’s not much to be said for Arizona after its Week 15 fall to the Lions, a loss that could cost them discomfort on their first day of the post-season, and more as their rival, the Colts, 8-6, are fighting for the title.. AFC South vs. . Titans, 9-5.

In the American Conference, the Kansas City Chiefs, 10-4, the first, have tested positive for COVID-19 and won’t be able to count on a duel against the Steelers with their star, by the end of Travis Kelsey’s court, along with 10 other players.

In the event of a snag, the Patriots and Titans, both at 9-5, will try to break into the center if they win their games against the Bills and 49ers respectively.

NFL Week 16 games.

Thursday 23.12: 49res-Titans.

Sábado 25:12: Browns-Packers y Colts-Cardinals.

Domingo 26.12: Black-Falcon, Ravens-Bengales, Rams-Vikings, Bells-Patriots, Jaguar-Jets, Giants-Eagles, Buccaneers-Panthers, Chargers-Texas, Bears-Seahawks, Broncos-Raiders, Steelers-Chefs and Washington-Cowboys .

Loons 27.12: Dolphins and Saints.

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