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Rafael Dudamel He had a dream and he just fulfilled it. It wasn’t just a dream to be a champion as a coach in Colombian football, but to be my shroud in Deportivo Cali. Namely, that its roots are green and white. He was a goalkeeper for Caleño, won a title as a soccer player there and is now achieving it as a DT. Dudamel dreams come true.

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Rafael Dudamel, 48, Venezuelan, born in San Felipe, Yaracuy. He has experience as a coach in clubs and the national team. He is also a TV commentator. He is a man who breathes football day and night.

From goalkeeper to DT

Dudamel in his time as a goalkeeper at Cali. Photo from 1999.

As a goalkeeper, he knew how to earn a name in Colombian football, saving for Huila, Santa Fe, Melonarios (with whom he was the Merconorte Cup champion), and Cali (where he won the superstar in 1998). He also defended the bow in Cortolo and America. At the international level, he dropped out of clubs in his native Argentina and even in South Africa. He was also considered one of the most important football players in the history of the Venezuelan national team.

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Dudamel retired as a professional in 2010. Then he pursued his other big passion, mentoring and mentoring to achieve success. He started as DT at Estudiantes de Mérida. He also directed Deportivo Lara in his country. But his big leap will come at the helm of the youth teams in Venezuela, U-17 and U-20. Dudamel is the first Venezuelan coach to qualify two national teams (under-17 and under-20) for the World Cup. football.

Dedicating this process would be the sub-title at the World Youth Championships in South Korea in 2017, after losing the final to England. It was the first time in the history of Venezuelan football that a team from that country had managed to reach the finals of the World Cup, leaving behind a rich generation of footballers.

Dedicated DT

Dudamel then earned domestic and international recognition, and increased when he was appointed to lead the first team for his country, a position he was in between 2016 and 2020. He managed to qualify for the quarter-finals of the 2016 Copa America played at United. states, in what was his first major international commitment as a coach.

At Copa America 2019, he managed to reach the quarter-finals for the second time in a row, losing to Argentina 2-0.

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At the beginning of 2020, he decided to resign from the management of the football team as a result of numerous personal disagreements with the Venezuelan Federation Board of Directors. After a brief stint at Atlético Mineiro in Brazil and directing the University of Chile, and after venturing as a sports commentator, Dudamel returned to Colombia, to the Cali he loves so much, this was the opportunity he had been waiting for so long. He took office on the 9th and achieved, by arranging and motivating the players, an exceptional campaign that was crowned with superstar.


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