Crazy qualifiers: Initial ban on FIFA broadcasts in Uganda – Mali


The broadcast of Group E’s second appointment meeting had to be interrupted for five minutes by a strange act that caught the attention of everyone present.

to comment Brazil against Argentina’s choice In Sao Paulo, postpone GuineaMorocco by overturning, but they weren’t the only parties with problems in playoffs heading to World Cup Qatar 2022 Because of FIFA He had to stop the transmission he made for the duel between Uganda And Financial because he is a man Covered the camera which depicts the Confederation of African Football (CAF) meeting.

The International Football Association Board (FIFA) broadcast the match on its YouTube channel, FIFA TV, but He had to stop his actions for a moment in the second minute of crossing that took place in St. Mary’s Stadium By the second date of group E because One of the attendees covered the main camera that focused on the meeting.

The person in question has not been confirmed exactly who it will be, but will be a CAF representative That will cover the image with a stretch rights issue With the Zurich-based entity, which, with the completed procedure, had no choice but to stop the transmission, and after five minutes, He returned without problems with the work of the match, which ended in a goalless draw.

Crazy Qualifiers: Man Bans FIFA Broadcasting “By Hand” in Uganda and Mali


Crazy Qualifiers: One Man Banned "by hand" FIFA broadcasts in Uganda and Mali

After the specificity of Uganda-Mali, this is how the positions remained in Group E of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

  • Financial: 4 points (+1).

  • Kenya: 2 points (0).
  • Uganda: 2 points (0).
  • Rwanda: 1 point (-1).

* There are 10 groups of four teams each with six matches including home and away matches. The first of each region advances to the next instance to select the five ranked in World Cup Qatar 2022.

African qualifiers: Guinea-Morocco suspended by coup

The meeting between Brazil and the Argentina’s choice In San Pablo for the playoffs towards World Cup Qatar 2022 He wasn’t the only one who got stopped for abnormal reasons because Confederation of African Football (enough) y la FIFA I decided to postpone the crossing between Guinea and Morocco, scheduled for today in Conakry, due to The current political and security situation In the host country after a coup committed by the military who arrested the African head of state, Alpha Conde.

“To ensure the safety of all players and protect all match officials, FIFA and CAF have decided to postpone. The current political and security situation in Guinea is very volatile and is closely monitored.”, read the summary statement from Adequateheadquartered in Cairo, Without specifying the date of the match corresponding to the second date of the first group.


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