Creatures in the form of aliens causing panic | Pictures

Creatures in the form of aliens causing panic |  Pictures

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Jan ForesterHe is a farmer from South AfricaWe shared some pictures on your Facebook account that sought to raise awareness about deterioration Environmentbut so many users They confused the Ansar of pictures with Aliens emerge from the sea.

In social networks they were made The photos went viral that caused panic among the people Because they didn’t know exactly what it was. here We tell you what is known about her.

“Aliens” are nothing more than dry cacti | distinct

Al-Falah’s intention, according to what was reported by South African media @kennedynews, It was to raise awareness about deterioration Environment. But rather They raised fears of an alien invasion.

“I was surprised,” Forster said. “A lot of people were afraid of strange-looking sea monsters. It was like ‘the shark: is it safe to get into the water?’” Forster explained to the aforementioned medium.

“People kept asking me when they were going out [las criaturas] And if they only go out at night. I thought people would enjoy it, but then it got really dangerous, very dangerous,” Forster explained.

Far from being extraterrestrials, the stuff pictured They are nothing more than dead aloe vera plantsits succulent fruits for their medicinal properties, l Creating awareness among people about environmental care And protect the planet.

However, on social networks, people reacted with fear before knowing the truth behind the story of the disturbing photos.

“Please go back to the ocean,” one wrote, while another commented: “Is this real? Oh my God… how scary,” they wrote on social media.


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