Cuba accuses the United States of “arrogance” for warning it against the 15th March north


Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Saturday accused the US government of “arrogance, arrogance and frustration” for warning him to impose sanctions if Havana puts the organizers of the peace march on trial on November 15.

Diaz-Canel shared two articles from state media on Twitter, again blaming Washington for financing and organizing a “destabilization scheme” against Cuba, referring to activists’ demand for a rally for the release of political prisoners and other demands.

The United States has warned that it will respond, possibly with sanctions, if “fundamental rights” are violated.

Not only did the government reject this unprecedented request for more than 60 years, considering it “illegal”, but also warned the participants in the meeting that they would be charged with crimes and would be prosecuted if they adhered to the march’s decision.

In light of this, the United States had warned the previous day that it would respond, possibly with sanctions, if the “fundamental rights” of the Cuban people were violated or the promoters of the November march were prosecuted.

Today the Cuban president replied that “when the United States government speaks, the government that funds and organizes the destabilization scheme speaks, and adds to every small group or institution—dollars through—contributing to an anti-revolutionary initiative.”

In another message, he emphasized that “the empire wants impunity for its operators in Cuba and threatens further measures” for which “they will receive a dignified response from our people.”

The principal Latin American adviser to US President Biden, Juan Gonzalez, noted in an interview with Effie that Havana’s leaders are “afraid” to engage in a “national dialogue with the Cuban people.”

The United States has already imposed sanctions on top Cuban military officials for their alleged role in the suppression of the July 11 protests, and has tightened the financial and trade embargo in force since 1962 in the past two years.

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