Fernando Alonso He knows he has everything against him to score a point in F1 US GP, but he will try. He will start from the bottom of the grid on Sunday with a car that has not adapted well to this American track. Starting with the last racing car without a beat, the feat is the capital. His tricks for coming back will be his departure, tire management and a different strategy from the rest.. and to all thatWe have to add a stroke of luck like the one he noticed in the last races that he didn’t get all year. In Austin, without her it would be difficult to reach the top ten, although Oviedo is not losing hope.

Asturian revealed at DAZN F1 that he decided to change the power unit In this Grand Prix to see that his performance Alps This weekend was not good. The French car has gone from delivering great performance in Sochi And Istanbul, for drowning in a track that does not seem to adapt well to the characteristics of this racing car. thus, Alonso choose punish in Circuit of the Americas He has his eyes set on the upcoming races he will face with a new engine and hopes to be able to defend the fifth place in builders world from Alps In view of AlphaTauri (Now 12 points). Thus, with nothing to play for in the playoffs, the Spaniard focused on moving into the second quarter and giving the chopper ball in the second sector straight to I be To help the French enter the third quarter. But not like that. The Alps were not the ones in Turkey in Austin, and not even a good Spanish driver could solve the difficult poll for the French driver, who was 11th.

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“Tight. The task today was to do Q1 and then try to help Esteban to see if we could get to Q3. It was impossible.”

The decision to change the engine

“We haven’t been very competitive all weekend in general, which is why we also decided to change the engines here, as the points were going to be tough, but hey, we’ll try tomorrow anyway. We have a lot of new wheels, a lot of hard and medium wheels, so hopefully We take advantage of it and get some points.”

Developments and Strategy

“Yes, it can be overtaken. Logically, you should have an advantage of about 8 tenths or a second. It can only be achieved with wheels in better condition at that point in the race. Like I said, we have a lot booked on all the courses, but if There wasn’t a “safety car” or there wasn’t a moment in the race where we could deviate from everyone’s normal strategy, it would be hard to get past it. But let’s try. It’s a really twisted weekend in terms of competitiveness. Better to change the engine here and think in the following engines.

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