Cuba tied in the third round of the World Chess Olympiad

Cuba tied in the third round of the World Chess Olympiad

Cuba maintains its good pace in the 44th World Chess Olympiad by drawing the two groups of the Antilles team ahead of its competitors in the third round of the tournament being held in Chennai, India, Reports Prensa Latina Agency.

The men’s team drew 2-2 against Ukraine, with a superb performance by the Supreme Council of the national team, GM Yasir Quesada (2568), who beat fellow GM Anton Korobov (2692) with black pieces, while Carlos Daniel Albornoz (2566) and Isan Ortiz agreed (2526) on a tie with white figures against Andrei Volokitin (2674) and Volodymyr Onishchuk (2612) to replace Luis Ernesto Quesada’s loss in the third table against Kirill Shevchenko (2654).

For his part, the Cuban women’s team tied the same score against Australia thanks to a tie in the first two chambers of Lisandra Ordaz (2367) against Julia Reganova (2284), and Maritza Arribas (2239) with Jilin Zhang (2212), the victory of the national champion Yanila Forgas (2343) over Nguyen Mai Chi Van (2139) while Enyimj Hernandez (2234) lost to Tho Jiang Nguyen (2119) on the fourth plate.

In the fourth round of matches, the men’s team will face Hungary, which appears to be a more affordable competitor than the Ukrainians, while the women will face the Swedish team, which is clearly a weaker opponent than Antilles.

The men’s team had previously had resounding victories over weaker teams such as Myanmar and Nigeria, a similar performance between the women’s team that had just conclusively beaten Uganda and former Moldova.

On the other hand, Cuban Linear Dominguez, third on the board of the US team, tied in his match on the date his team faced Georgia, and currently has two victories and a table in the competition.

In this edition of the World Chess Olympiad, the 11-round Swiss system is played. Each team gets one point for a win, half a point for a tie, and zero for every loss. Each team wins 2 match points for winning the match, 1 point for a draw, and none for a loss.

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