Daniel Lacalle: Warning of economic difficulties in Spain and the United States

Daniel Lacalle: Warning of economic difficulties in Spain and the United States

In a recent interview, Sergio Avila I spoke with Daniel Lacalle about a report signed by 102 economists warning about the economic situation in Spain. Lacalle explained that the massive accumulation of debt, fiscal imbalances and excessive public spending could generate problems in the medium term, although they have not yet manifested themselves in a serious way. He noted that the growth of public debt in Spain is worrying and could harm the most vulnerable groups, despite the perception of stability.

Lacalle also compared the economic situation in the United States, where the government shows optimism, but the data shows a different picture. He stressed that the growth of debt and the lack of increase in real wages are worrying indicators. Although the overall data appear favourable, the reality for citizens reflects a negative economic situation, similar to the situation in Spain.

Regarding economic sentiment in the United States, Lacalle indicated that it is negative, especially due to the rise in gasoline prices, which affects consumer confidence. In this context, the assets that benefit are those that offer alternatives to fiat currency, such as gold and bitcoin.

The conversation also touched on the recovery in oil prices, which is mainly due to the monetary policy of central banks. Lacalle explained that the liquidity injection boosted oil prices, and that the Federal Reserve’s decisions point to the direction of maintaining interest rates rather than lowering them.

The interview with Daniel Lacalle highlights the economic alerts in Spain and the United States, and highlights the importance of analyzing beyond aggregate data and understanding the effects of monetary policy on global markets. The vision presented by Lacalle provides a critical perspective on the current economic situation and the possible implications for the future.

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