David Beckham has a business on his hands (every honey lover will love it)


As if it weren’t enough for David Beckham to be a commercial genius in the world of fashion and advertising, launching his own brand years ago, and of course his responsibilities as the founder and director of the football club. Inter Miami, former football player David Beckham He returns to responsibility with a new business venture that, if all goes well, could propel him to marketing his own business Organic honey. There is no doubt that it and Victoria Beckham They want to conquer the world!

According to the newspaper the sunBeekeeping has become one of her husband’s great hobbies Victoria Beckham During these troubled times of the epidemic. Given the good hand that he appears to have in this activity, and it is clear that he has a media influence, Former soccer player He will be more than willing to make the most of his new hobby.

Advertisers and representatives David Beckham They had already met, in fact, with potential investors and an endless number of professionals who would be responsible for packaging, distribution and of course the marketing tasks necessary to ensure the success of the product. Among the names that could identify future branding are “D Bee”, “Seven Honey” (referring to his daughter Harper Seven), and “Goldenbees.”

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