Deaf dog spreads on social media to understand sign language


Within the social network, TikTok was created Widely a Puppy She is disabled and deaf but this couldn’t have been more shocking because she is cute mascot He also understands sign language.

After many users of the platform moved with their intelligence, the owners of this Puppy They let us see how they interact with the tags made by their owner.

Photo: Pixabay

The message he passed on to his pet was that his “father” arrived as he was touching his face, Puppy He excitedly ran to the door to receive him.

The video has so far garnered nearly two million views and more than 300,000 likes and comments. Among them we can read everyone’s surprise to see how Puppy understand this Sign language And his amazing intelligence.

Although this is one of the most Widely From this pet, on her TikTokcotufaloca account, we can see her in different situations where she understands Sign language.

A dog that understands sign language spreads in the networks

Photo: Pixabay

Within this social network we can find a large number of videos of Pets Who surprise the audience with their wonderful skills, whether it is music, comedy or meeting new colleagues, among others.

If you want to increase your dopamine levels, we assure you that our puppy or kitten videos will help you achieve that. For the time being we leave you this smart video Puppy Here.

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