Do you use maps to get to places you don’t know? These are the two most used apps when it comes to roads By map and navigation with the help of GPS, we are talking about Google Maps, developed by Alphabet Inc. And wizz, created by Waze Mobile, which was acquired by Google in 2013.

Google Maps And wizz They work pretty much the same, but they serve different purposes and focus differently. That is why in a report prepared by a broker working on technology issues, he was given the task of verifying the best application roads.

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Which one has the best method?

According to the broker, Google Maps More features, because although the two applications will move from one point to another, wizz So far, it’s only used by car, motorbike and taxi, but the maps have routes if you plan to go by foot, bike or public transport.

If you want a way to go by car, then wizz It is the best option, because it also helps you to know how much fuel you have left so that gas stations are shown to you on the way, and also, if you want to avoid tolls, the application guides you to the best routes where there will be no dirt roads or complex terrain.

Which is better? The answer to this question will be left to your discretion as the use of these apps depends on your needs and the way you want to go to your destination.

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