Deer Park forces Pemex to refine lighter crude


January 10, 2022 | 05:00

with purchase deer parkPetróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) will have to adapt its crude oil refining strategy using blends that contain less Sulfur degree So that you can achieve or achieve your goals Produce.

If you only seek to purify the Maya mixture, the machine will be forced and this should raise maintenance costs by 60%.

Deer Park is expected to use part of the Mexican Mayan ore and another part of a blend of light

Gonzalo Monroy, Director of GMEC commented to the CEO.

Three types of crude oil are extracted in the country: Maya It is the heaviest because it has a high sulfur content of 3.4%; the isthmus With 1.8% sulfur and Olmeca which contains between 0.73% and 0.95% sulfur.

During this month , Pemix Will complete the acquisition of the Deer Park refinery in Texas, by purchasing from seashells 50% of its contribution of $596 million until the conclusion of supply contracts and the identification of the mixtures to be used.

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Deer Park can’t use 100% Mayan mix in its refineries because it will force its devices designed for special mixtures. the Mayan mix It’s quite heavy, so it may crowd the plants all together. The refinery will require raw from the United States or elsewhere.

Monroy commented that Deer Park requires a very specific mixture to take advantage of its 200,000-250,000 bpd production capacity of products such as Gasoline and diesel s kerosene.

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The quality will exceed the six refineries

The crude refined in Texas will be of better quality compared to those processed in Madero, Salamanca, Caderita, Minatitlan, Tula and Salina Cruz.

Victor GomezAcademician at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), that due to the different geological factors in the oil production in the country, the processing of light crude has decreased, while Maya crude, which is the heaviest, accounts for 60% of the national production.

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Mexico had to import lighter ores because domestic production was insufficient. In the case of Deer Park, it will depend on the refinery configuration which is the optimal combination of light raw And the heavy ones it requires, because being in Texas depends on different suppliers of crude oil to process it.

We don’t know if the current composition of exports exclusively from Mexico will be sufficient for the reconfiguration required by the refinery in Texas.

Male Gomez .

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onDuncan WoodVice President of New Strategies and Initiatives Wilson Centerpointed out that Deer Park is important in terms of quality because it must meet the requirements Environmental Protection Agency (Environmental Protection Agency) from United State.

This is important because EPA standards in the United States are higher than those in Mexico.


This allows the refinery to comply with EPA regulations for low-cost gasoline. sulfur content, reducing it by more than 95%.

Maintaining this level is important to take care of city air quality and avoid damage to car engines.

We can assume that Pemex, as the owner of Deer Park, will continue to comply with these standards because it must, meaning that the gasoline that will leave the refinery and will be exported or re-exported to Mexico will be of high quality and 100% Pemex. This will help Mexico in terms of quality and air quality as well.

Wood is repeated.

Deer Park processes sour or sour crude oil from the United States, Africa, South America and other countries, so Mexico will inevitably buy a mix of other countries.

Crude oil containing more than 0.3% sulfur is called sour or acidic, as opposed to “sweet” crude, which contains less than this percentage. To date, Mexico imports more than half of the processed crude oil.

The thing that would drive most production targets

It is very likely that Deer Park will be the refinery that contributes most to achieving the oil production targets of the Andrés Manuel López Obrador government (AMLO) This exceeds the contribution manAccording to Victor Gomez.

The production target is 2 million barrels per day in 2024, according to10 Pemex missions“Presented by Octavio Romero EuropesA, company director, last December.

In the case of Dos Bocas, although progress has been made in the construction process and the installation of some equipment, its entry into operation and its processing capacity is more complex.

If you think that as early as next year, Dos Bocas will be producing consistently at a capacity of 85% of its total, then Deer Park is unlikely to do so.

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