Delphine attacks his coach in Miami. video

Delphine attacks his coach in Miami.  video
Dolphin attack in Miami causes panic among the public
He hit the dolphin and pulled his trainer back. Photo: Getty Images / Caption

that Dolphin attacked her coach during a show in Miami Aquarium in Florida, in the United States; Looks like the woman accidentally scratched mammalthe animal felt uncomfortable and defended itself.

The facts remain Khaleda in a video recorded by someone from the audience He later shared it on social networks, which spread among users.

What happened during the dolphin attack?

In the recording, barely a minute long, you can see how the 28-year-old woman, along with other surfboard instructors, swims into the reservoir where animal found, But after scratching becomes anxious.

When the other two trainers see the dolphin pushing the woman out of the water, they swim quickly out of the tank.

  • During the show, the Beach Boys’ popular song “Surfin’ USA” plays in the background, so the audience initially thought it was part of the show.

The coach swims out of the water. In the end it worked, but it looks tired and painful. Her comrades help her.

Is the coach okay?

American East WPLG Local 10 After the dolphin attack, he said, the woman, Alexandria Barry, 28, got into an ambulance and was taken to a nearby hospital for a check-up.

This news channel interviewed a veterinarian who was working in Miami Aquarium in FloridaThe doctor said Barry was still in the hospital: “I’ve been told by multiple sources that he has broken ribs, but I can’t confirm that.”

This is not the first attack

Video captured by Professional Photographer Shannon CarpenterWho was enjoying the show when the attack happened of dolphin, Who has spent his whole life in captivity at the Miami Aquarium.

“This really adds to the range of issues that have been at the Miami Seaquarium recently. The same dolphin reportedly shocked another trainer about two years ago.”

Shannon Carpenter, in an interview with Telemundo.

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