Diablo II resurrects and burns the classic crusade, Blizcon’s largest monument

Diablo II resurrects and burns the classic crusade, Blizcon’s largest monument

The The first day of Blizzon He worked on giving the first big announcements for the date, Which had no good news and which was mainly starring in confirming the re-mastering and releasing of the old games that had already been discussed in recent days.

This is the case, for example, from Diablo II: The Resurrection, The game is expected to be released in the same year 2021 as a modified version of the original version that will be available on a wide list of platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStaiton 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

There will also be a cross progression between them. It will be a game that will preserve the essence of the original but offer graphical improvements, including 3D graphics, although it can always be deactivated to revert to the originals, which will be from the year 200 when it was exclusive to PC.

Snowstorm too The official website is enabled where players can find the latest news and subscribe to Technical Alpha. You can also buy the game now, but as you well remember, the purchase does not imply access to Alpha and it will not even be distributed to all subscribers.

Also, after the success of World of Warcraft Classic, it has arrived Classic Burning Crusader, Which will allow MMO players to relive the second expansion. Additionally, there was new information about Shadowlands Patch, Chains of Domination.

about Hearthstone unveiled the new expansionForged into Trash, which will introduce new concepts like Rampage, an effect that activates after surviving enemy damage for the first time. There will be new spells with a rank – they improve when they reach 5 and 10 crystals – and schools of magic, giving some kind of spells.

Another big announcement was Blizzard Arcade CollectionTo celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary, it launched a line of computers and game consoles that include The Lost Vikings, Rock N ‘Roll Racing and Blackthorne.

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