Dialogue between Ethiopia and Comoros on bilateral and continental issues (+ photo)

Dialogue between Ethiopia and Comoros on bilateral and continental issues (+ photo)

The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that Mekonnen arrived in Moroni this morning from Tanzania, as part of a tour to several African countries, including Burundi and Uganda.

During the dialogue with El Othmani, he talked about the Pretoria Peace Agreement, signed on November 2 in South Africa and promoted by the African Union to end the conflict between the government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. He stressed that the signing endorsed the principle of “African solutions to African problems”.

He added that it is currently being fully implemented in the country and offered further updates on the matter.

Regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, he stressed that the issues must be resolved through the tripartite dialogue between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt, and that El-Othmani, as the current chair of the African Union, has a pioneering role in achieving this.

For his part, the Comorian President expressed his satisfaction with the peaceful situation in Addis Ababa and the possibility of enhancing bilateral cooperation in the fields of agriculture and fisheries development.

He expressed support for the resumption of tripartite negotiations on the Great Dam. They agreed on dialogue as a means to resolve the current crisis in Sudan, which has left more than 400 dead and more than 3,500 wounded since April 15 due to clashes between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

Earlier, Mekonnen and his Comorian counterpart, Dhir Dolkamal, signed an agreement to improve diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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