Diomedes? A man in Colombia has 5 wives and 5 dozen children

Diomedes?  A man in Colombia has 5 wives and 5 dozen children

Ana del Carmen, Maria Esther, Emilsey, Marlinis and Maria Elvaare the names of the five women who live in free union with Victor Julioa man who has become in social networks as a result of it Huge family.

Telemundo’s Al Rojo Vivo revealed what it was like to celebrate Víctor’s birthday 91 years oldwhich he had been all his life 12 wives, of whom he fathered 50 children.

In the huge gathering, it was 100 grandchildren The man had the opportunity to meet all his uncles, including The youngest son of Victor Julio who is only 14 years old.

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And the five wives of this man confirmed to the cameras of this program that the fact live in the same roof Make it easier for them to raise their children, becauseThey helped each other so much that they claimed to love each other as if they were sisters.

Although this large family figure seems insurmountable, in Uganda there is a man who far exceeds the Colombian and is much younger than that.

with 67 years old old, Mzi Musa pebbles A resident of Butaleja district, lives under one roof with 12 womenand extended kinship to them in such a way 102 children They did grandpa 568 times.

This “multiple husband” advised all men in the world to do so “Do not marry more than four wives.” He asserted that as a measure not to have any more children, She decides to suggest to their wives that they use some contraception.

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