Discover a two-thousand-year-old mummy with a golden tongue in Egypt

The mummy was found at an ancient site called Taposiris Magna. Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Archaeologists A. A mummy with a golden tongue Two thousand years On an ancient Egyptian site called Taposiris Magna.

Experts working in the area discovered 16 graves with mummies in poor condition, including the remains of a mummy that had a golden tongue.

According to his hypothesis, Mummy with golden tongue He could wear this piece so that he could speak before the court of the god Osiris in the afterlife, but it is unclear whether the mummy had a speech impediment while she was alive.

The ancient Egyptians believed in this Osiris was the lord of the underworld and judge of the dead.

Not just the golden-tongued mummy

The other fifteen burials are also dated back about two thousand years. In one, a female mummy was found wearing a death mask that covered a large portion of her body.

The mummy also wears a headscarf while smiling. Photo: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Two of the mummies were found with the remains of a coil, which scientists are currently deciphering. In addition, the covering layers contain one of these mummies Golden Ornament of OsirisAccording to a statement issued by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

The researchers also found several statues representing the people buried at the site. The document says the statues are so well preserved that you can still make hairstyles and headdresses.

Although archaeologists are not sure exactly when the individuals died, they believe that the people lived at a time when Egypt was ruled by the Ptolemies (304 BC to 30 BC), who were the descendants of one of Alexander the Great’s generals, or before the empire. The Roman who captured the country after the death of Cleopatra VII in 30 BC. C.

Beside that Mummy with golden tongueRecently, Egypt announced Other results, But Discovered at Saqqara Cemetery, Including about fifty New Kingdom sarcophagi, from Over three thousand years, In addition to objects from the period and Even skulls and bones.

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