Discover the best country to live and travel in 2024

Discover the best country to live and travel in 2024

In an increasingly interconnected world, Immigration It has become a constant search for better opportunities, security and quality of life. Millions of people make the decision to leave their homeland behind, driven by the desire for a promising future for themselves and their families. It is worth noting that migration is not an easy task, as it poses challenges in adapting to the new space.

In this sense, despite the difficulties, Immigration It is also a testament to the human ability to overcome obstacles and thrive countries unknown. Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has published its new list of the best places to travel based on the opinions of more than 1,700 people. Travelers responded to a survey based on their own experiences in different regions of the world.

Discover the perfect country to travel and live. Source: Freebeck

This is the best country for those who decide to immigrate

When embarking on a journey to settle on another nation For various reasons, several aspects must be taken into account. It is therefore very important to know what the economy is like, the possibility of housing, work, family and other aspects of quality of life related to security. To determine what is safest to travel to, as well as the opinion of people surveyed, data from the Global Peace Index and travel safety ratings from the US State Department and GeoSure Global were taken into account.

It is worth noting that the survey showed that nation Canada received the best score, becoming one of the safest places to travel. It is located in North America and has the longest borders in the world. It offers its visitors the possibility of settling on its territory thanks to an international work program.

Canada is the country chosen to live in because it is one of the safest countries. Source: Pinterest

Canada is characterized by its low rate of violent crimes, as well as its laws regulating the use of weapons. In addition, it offers attractions such as Niagara Falls, its snowy forests and even surfing beaches, depending on the season. Keep this place in mind when… Migrates Or simply travel for tourism.

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