Dismantling of a network dedicated to smuggling weapons from the United States in Brazil

This content was published on Jun 1, 2021 – 11:59

Rio de Janeiro, June 1 (EFE). Five people were arrested this Tuesday in Sao Paulo and Miami during an operation by the Federal Police, which dismantled a network dedicated to smuggling weapons from several cities in the United States to Brazil, authorities said.

Rifle magazines and firearms accessories were sent to the South American giant from the American cities of Kissimmee, Orlando and Tucson, which were intended for active criminal gangs across the country.

Investigations began in 2019 when authorities found many of these artifacts at Galeo International Airport, in Rio de Janeiro, hidden inside tires.

With the support of Brazilian Customs and the US National Security Investigation Agency (ICE), through their attachés at the US Embassy in Brasilia and in the cities of Tucson and Miami, the police determined that the devices were sent by certified mail from the three US cities to the criminals.

“International police cooperation between Brazil and the United States is necessary to obtain information about the illegal activities of the criminal organization,” the Federal Police said in a statement. EFE

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