Do aliens exist? Science explains theories

Do aliens exist?  Science explains theories

* Scientists say intelligent life in space is not excluded, but it is believed that all signs of space existence come from dead worlds

7 March 2022 by editorial

Doubts about the really existence of aliens have long captivated everyone, until conspiracy theories were created alleging that governments withheld information from the public. With the arrival of the Internet, images that support the existence of space civilizations have gone viral, making scientists interested in discovering if there is life beyond Earth. Given this, they made it clear that scientists do not doubt the existence of extraterrestrials, but now I understand that it is possible that everything known about the phenomenon of UFOs comes from dead worlds.

During the 1960s, this was the time when Target began to investigate whether aliens were real or a simple story. At that time, what was done to investigate this phenomenon, people decided to look from the top of the mountains and study the sky in the fields of crops. Since there was not enough evidence to prove the existence of life in space, the SETI Institute was established, for which he was responsible contracts To study whether there are aliens or some kind of life in the emptiness of the universe.

The founder of the Frank Drake Organization was able to calculate a mathematical equation to determine the probability of the existence of intelligent beings. It has now been revealed that most of the strange signals are succumbing to radio waves or frequencies. It has previously been pointed out that these are generated naturally by the layers of gas that surround the planets, and this was the case of the perceptible signal from Venus.

Currently, some scientists are interested in reading Drake’s theories, according to Universal-Sci coverage, the researcher has discovered that the frequencies of alien life are only occasionally received and then disappear. The above led to the creation of a theory that the signals of extraterrestrial life are actually signals that were emitted years ago and were picked up until later.

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