Do you know how much money Real Madrid is making this season in the United States?

Do you know how much money Real Madrid is making this season in the United States?

European team Real MadridFor about two weeks he was in the US playing some friendly sports. This is part of the pre-season that will take place on US soil, as the team plans to participate in the Football Champions Tour.

However, despite the different games football players play and all the publicity they do, do you know exactly how much money they make? Then we will give you more details of your earnings.

How much money does the gym make?

Each sports team wins according to the league or seasons it is in, so in some years it has become very fashionable for these European teams to take part in the preliminary seasons in other countries, playing mainly friendlies.

This is how the country in which the pre-seasons are held invests a certain amount so that the recognized teams play at home in some friendlies, which improves the marketing of the country and increases the publicity of their teams.

One of the best known examples is the Paris Saint-Germain team, which recently traveled to the Asian country of Japan to spend some seasons and play friendlies. In this way, both the French and Japanese teams win when they face players from the major leagues.

What is Real Madrid doing in the United States?

Because of this extra earnings for European teams, Real Madrid He also decided to participate in these sporting events that are currently taking place in the United States. The Spanish team is participating in the Football Champions Tour, on US soil, for a greater football spread in the North American country.

However, it is not the only country in the United States, as there are also other countries such as: Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Chelsea. These teams will face a series of friendly matches with other local teams. Although it is also known that Real Madrid He will play only 3 friendly matches in Las Vegas.

How much money will Real Madrid earn in these matches?

It was calculated that Real Madrid would earn about 15 million euros, thanks to the fact that it is a very important country in football, and brings different profits to both the Spanish club and the Americans due to the presence of the sports club.

The European team has been able to take advantage of the various offers that have been made to them since they are currently redesigning the Santiago Bernabéu, a project that requires a lot of money and is still in progress.

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