Dogs or cats? This says which flag you prefer

Dogs or cats?  This says which flag you prefer
Dogs or cats?  This says which flag you prefer
There are scientific studies on this subject. Image: Pexels

Do you like more dog or the the cats? according to scientific studiesYour preference can be affected by the type a personality what do you have. If you want to know the profile of team dogs and cats, keep reading.

How are people who prefer dog?

In 2010, the magazine “anthrososFound that people who prefer dog They tend to be more outgoing, sociable, agreeable, and less anxious, while the journal “Journal of Veterinary BehaviorIn 2017, they tend to be more physically active and have a personality more open.

  • Finally, in 2019, the magazinePlus oneHe added that they are emotionally and conscientiously stable.
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and he a personality a fan of the cats?

according toanthrososPeople who prefer the cats They tend to be more introverted, withdrawn, open to new experiences, and more emotionally sensitive; for his part,”Journal of Veterinary BehaviorThat cutlovers can be more independent.

It should be noted that none of these studies of preferences between dogs and cats speak of a valid generality in all humans. Your personality may vary.

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Other factors that influence your preferences

It also affects your lifestyle. Image: Pexels

Other factors that influence the choice of your pet are cultural factors, your past experiences, your lifestyle, and your personal preferences regarding the responsibilities that come with caring for a pet.

  • Choosing a pet is a personal decision, and should be based on individual needs and preferences.

Before deciding on a dog or cat, analyze the time you are willing to devote to caring for them and the pleasure and budget allocated for basic needs such as food and veterinary care.

Remember, a high abandonment rate is directly related to the disorganization of the fur-earning person or family.

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