Download WhatsApp Plus 2022, these are the functions it provides

Download WhatsApp Plus 2022, these are the functions it provides

The WhatsApp, the most used messaging app worldwide, has long had policies that do not allow users to use some functions within the platform. That is why during this time people have had to resort to other alternatives, whether it is using in-app tricks, downloading third-party apps, and even resorting to other apps cloned from the official version of this messaging service, as in the case of whatsappplus.

This service is Modified Version From the version that most of us are usually familiar with, which contains many official WhatsApp functions, and much more. However, it has increased in popularity in recent weeks due to the new update of Version 14.10.1 That’s why we’re showing you now How to download it and what functions it includes.

How to download the latest version of APK 14.10?

  • To download this version of WhatsApp Plus, you must first delete the original WhatsApp application and then follow these steps:
  • Download WhatsApp plus blue from this link https:
  • Activate the option to download apps from unknown sources in the settings of your cell phone.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp from your phone, as WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to the original WhatsApp.
  • Finally, start installing the latest version of WhatsApp Plus 2022.

In this new update of WhatsApp Plus 14.10 you can find the following functions:

  • You will have a choice “See once”, Which allows you to download photos and videos that are sent.
  • View all messages sent from a contact in a group.
  • Cucumber Change dot color online.

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