WhatsApp will remove its most important restrictions

WhatsApp will remove its most important restrictions

The WhatsApp He keeps experimenting with things and things to see if they are interesting to the end users. Today we can know that the app can Remove your most important restrictions In the last years. related to transmission media content and files. Before long, users can send more content through The WhatsApp. We are talking about files up to 2 GB!

Sending large files via WhatsApp is a reality

WhatsApp is testing in some countries Send files up to 2 GB. It’s something many users have been asking for years The WhatsApp So far not much has been heard. The current entry is 100 megabytesat most, for each file, video, or photo.

This WhatsApp test holds Limit up to 2 GB. This means that users can send very long videos in high quality or files Much larger documents. Removing this limit will bring a lot of happiness to millions of users.

Send large pdf Or a 4K recorded video is something that WhatsApp does not allow if its size exceeds 100MB. Now everything could change if the test was validated and became a real job for everyone.

At this moment is Test in some Latin American countries And in the trial version. It is possible, if everything works well, that it will expand to the whole world and for all users. With larger cameras and mobile phones with more capacity, it seems that a 100 megabytes max It is really short.

What do you think of this step? The WhatsApp? Will you use it?

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