The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered something unprecedented that NASA will announce in a few hours – teach me about science

The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered something unprecedented that NASA will announce in a few hours – teach me about science
NASA will announce an unprecedented discovery from the Hubble Space Telescope. (Photo: NASA).

Dear netizens, I am happy to tell you that we have some new science, NASA said the Hubble Space Telescope team has made an unprecedented discovery and will be announced on Wednesday, March 30.. We have already seen something similar in 2020, when NASA confirmed the presence of water on the Moon (a larger amount than previously thought); Now a cosmic discovery, what could the legendary Hubble have seen?

Yes, that is the mysterious question at the moment, what is this exciting discovery? Hubble has dazzled humanity for nearly 32 years with its iconic images of the universe. We know that this space telescope gem has changed our understanding of the universe by rewriting textbooks.

new discovery This will expand our understanding of the universe, as well as create a new line of future research along with the recently launched James Webb Space Telescope. This is really amazing! We’re talking about the most powerful telescope in history starting a complementary mission with Hubble much sooner than previously thought.

A record number for books. On Wednesday, March 30 at 11:00 a.m. EDT, NASA will announce an exciting new observation from the Hubble Space Telescope, Space Agency officials write«. Live or recorded interviews will be provided (enter the official NASA channel by clicking here) on the following days and times:

  • March 30, 2022 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST
  • March 31, 2022 from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST

HubbleHST, the Hubble Space Telescope) is the most famous space observatory ever in existence, and perhaps the most successful. The 11-ton telescope was placed in a 570 km orbit around Earth by the space shuttle in April 1990. It has made countless discoveries and thousands of articles have been published thanks to that data.

Unlike Hubble, James Webb was launched in December 2021 and orbits the Sun 1.5 million km from Earth, at a place called the Second Lagrangian Point. There, far from the interference of light from the Earth and the Moon, he will focus his attention on the early universe, on the atmospheres of exoplanets and on other sciences.

Another difference is that it is designed to see infrared light, light that is outside the visible spectrum, and outside of what we can see with our human eyes. Infrared wavelengths penetrate dust more easily, allowing you to see more clearly; In addition, it allows scientists to go back in time thanks to a phenomenon called redshift. Its folding mirror is about 6.5 meters in diameter, which is about a Hubble triple aperture of 2.4 meters.

James Webb Space TelescopeAlso known as Webb or JWST, this is an international program run by NASA with its partners, the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency. It was developed thanks to the work of more than a thousand scientists from all over the world, for more than two decades during which a series of difficulties had to be overcome. The effort was worth it, as Webb is now the world’s premier space science observatory.

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