Game Pass responds to the announcement of a new Sony service

Game Pass responds to the announcement of a new Sony service

Today, many Playstation users have clarified any doubts about the new service that have been rumored for some time. Certainly expectations were very high. Because many media have classified it as “Sony’s Game Pass”. And in the end, what we have is a different service that, despite the fact that it has points in common with Microsoft, is less than everything it offers.

I’m not fooling anyone when I say that I consider the US company to have a better offer, other than the fact that I’m writing this at an Xbox friend’s house, I objectively consider Phil Spencer’s team to have done better on their subscription, which is something with so little data on the table, It can be discussed without much effort. However, come on, what the Japanese did does not seem like a bad option to me, it will surely improve with time and there will be users willing to give it a try.

Xbox Game Pass responds to Sony

It is clear that such an advertisement could not go unnoticed by the competition. But before some context, Sony’s suggestion Does not provide the level, size, quantity and quality of Game Pass gamesAnd, of course, its worst asset is not offering shooter games.

At this last point, the official Game Pass account made a point, reminding that Microsoft’s subscription not only offers an extensive catalog alongside EA Play, but also many, many more games arriving in the service at launch. Translating the tweet will say something like:

We love all the options! Play new launch games. Discover Blockbuster and indie games. Games from Xbox Game Studios, EA Play and [email protected] And much more.

The tweet itself is a compendium of things missing from Sony’s new service. It is a good way to take advantage of the publicity generated by the advertisement to confirm your service.

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