DSR, Destino Uganda, Petits Detalls and Ruta De La Luz are collaborating on a new project in Uganda


DrEntistas Sobre Ruedas, Destino Uganda, Petits Detals and Cione Ruta de la Luz will collaborate on the Optometric campaign to be held in Uganda in 2022, for which they have signed a cooperation agreement that all parties hope to maintain and renew over time in successive pensions.

Early next year, during February, an expedition Optical character To conduct visual reviews and awareness seminars for marginalized groups, previously established by the two local associations, Uganda Destiny And small details.

The objective of the project is to provide visual and visual reviews, with the subsequent delivery of eyeglasses to people without resources who did not have access to this service, thus initiating a procedure similar to the previous procedures performed. In progress on the African continent, even with prior cooperation with the DSR. At the beginning of 2021, Fundacion Cione Ruta de la Luz and Dentistas Sobre Ruedas (DSR) sponsored the donation of a full optometrist for their future installation in Al Massira, a small town located in southern Senegal, where the DSR has been developed since 2012. “ADAMA PROJECT” HEALTH PROMOTION .

“Senegal is a mature project that is growing and has become a benchmark for visual health in the region. We have the same hopes for the future,” says Ismael Garcia Baya, President of the Cione Ruta de la Luz Foundation, in eastern Uganda. For his part, Alfonso Jaume Campomar comments: “Illusion is the basis of all new endeavors. ; This is how it all began in Senegal and in this spirit we have started this new adventure in Uganda.”

In fact, this new collaboration was born out of an intimate previous experience who was there in 2015 the current DSR Visual District and Music Coordinator, Miriam Portela. Together with musician Basilio Caminha, they both decided to create Destino Uganda facilitating the integration of orphans and street children through musical learning: “I was born out of a conversation one summer afternoon, sitting on the sands of Canelas Beach, Galicia. At that time, we still did not We know we are going to spend three months of our lives in Iganga.Three months of language lessons, teaching them to read the scores so they don’t play by heart by repeating and repeating…the dictations, the breathing, the long beats, the beats, the rhythm, the exams, the tests…which… It changed our lives,” Myriam admits.

In the Uganda project, the DSR will be responsible for preparing the original plan and searching for volunteers, while Destino Uganda and Petits Detals will manage all permits to be able to operate in the country: material entry, visas, temporary work permit if necessary. Likewise, they will be responsible for regulating the schools/entities where the reviews will be conducted. The Cione Ruta de la Luz Foundation, which has already collaborated on other projects with Petits Detals during 2018 and 2019, will be responsible for supplying and assembling eyeglasses during the campaign and providing assistance, if necessary, with materials to carry them. outside of visual examinations.

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