Lopez Obrador will speak with Biden and Trudeau about COVID-19 and the economy


Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said in Washington on Wednesday that Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will speak on the topic of economic integration, coronavirus vaccines and development aid during Thursday’s summit with Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau.

During a brief press conference in front of the Mexican embassy, ​​the minister said that Mexico is reaching the “North American Leaders Summit”, the first since 2016, with an “optimistic vision” because the atmosphere is “positive”.

Vaccine production in the region, economic integration and supply and value chains will be among the topics of the Three Friends Summit, which will take place in the afternoon.

The foreign minister said they would also talk about “the development of southern Mexico and Central America in response to the phenomenon of migration.” On the contrary, the relationship with Cuba is not on the agenda and electricity reform, one of Lopez Obrador’s biggest bets and which worries the United States and Canada because of its potential impact on private investment, is unlikely to emerge.

However, Ebrard said, “They might have raised it.”

The foreign minister added that the “stay in Mexico” immigration policy, which forces asylum seekers to wait in that country for their cases to be resolved, is not on the agenda either, but it’s not completely off the table.

Obrador will maintain, in addition to the tripartite summit, two bilateral summits that will revitalize regional relations after the tensions experienced in Donald Trump’s term.

In the morning he will meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he will discuss, among other things, reconciliation between indigenous peoples.

And later with US President Joe Biden. The two leaders will examine progress in the High Level Economic Dialogue and the Bicentennial Understanding signed between the two countries, which focuses on security.

The three leaders will not hold a press conference at the end of the day, but they will issue a joint statement because, according to the Mexican foreign minister, it is “more accurate.”

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