Eating watermelon and cantaloupe pieces can lead to salmonella infection


The watermelon and the melon It is one of the fruits preferred by the majority of the population; However, eating them when cut back after a while can pose a risk to your health.

through his book eat everything safely, Dietitian Beatriz Robles says you can get various diseases when you eat watermelon and cut watermelon: this is because pathogenic microorganisms are stored on the surface of the fruit.

“By cutting the fruit, we break the natural protection that isolates the edible part from the environment. Fruits and vegetables can have disease-causing microorganisms on their surface such as salmonellaAnd the Listeria a Escherichia coli (coli bacteria). ‘,” reported Beatrice Robles.

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How do I cleanse watermelon and other fruits?

A nutritionist gave some advice on how to cleanse Fruits and vegetables to be consumed even when it has already been cut; Here we leave them:

  • Wash them thoroughly with a little soap and water
  • Put the fruit or vegetable in water with bleach in a three-liter solution for five minutes: if the fruit has a peel

Similarly, it is important to disinfect the utensils in which we cut fruits and vegetables: this is mainly because many microorganisms are also stored on their surface.

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