Laurent Simmons, an 11-year-old genius boy is graduating as a physicist in Belgium

Lauren Simmons it’s a Smart boy 11 years old, he graduated as a physicist in Belgium, and is already planning to get a master’s degree. Photo: AFP.

Lauren Simmons it’s a Smart boy 11 years old, graduated with honors mention as a physicist from the University of Antwerp, a Dutch-speaking school Located in Antwerp, BelgiumHe said he had already submitted his study plan for a master’s degree.

With an IQ of 145, the Nino Genio Lauren Simmons Become the youngest university graduate in the world, by Completed a Bachelor’s degree in Physics; Inventor Nikola Tesla was his inspiration, and he plans to research artificial organs to develop a full-fledged artificial body.

In 2019, . was released Nino Genio Lauren Simmons Explanation of his project:

“I’m looking to simulate the (human) brain on a chip, but in a larger version. I put in neurons and call to see what’s going on and how it reacts, for example, When medicine is added. I’m talking about 10,000 brain cells, so I have to stimulate 10,000 wires (to reach your goal)”.

The Nino Genio Lauren Simmons

  • Completed high school in about a year
  • Complete a three-year bachelor’s degree in just nine months

When he’s not in college, he Nino Genio Lauren Simmons Walk your dog, play video games and post pictures on Instagram. keep coming Offers from universities around world, and his parents help him explore options, with the United States likely being his next destination.

His father, Alexander, does not dare to predict the future Nino Genio Lauren Simmons Because he broke all expectations, But he emphasized that there was no hurry. In an interview with the agency Reuters In 2019, the father of the minor clarified the areas that interest his son most:

“Education is like a game for him. You don’t really have to study. Just play and it’s no problem for us. It’s important to find the balance between being a kid and your passion, even if it’s He himself did not realize. It is important to protect him, so that he does not say later that he has never had a young man ”.

how is life Lauren Simmons?

  • He started primary school when he was 4 years old
  • He went to high school at the age of six
  • He entered college when he was 9 years old

On Mondays he came to classes, on Tuesdays he had practices, on Wednesdays he had classes, and on Thursdays he had private lessons with teachers, and I took exams on Fridays. His goal in life is to “be able to extend life” by using “artificial organs,” an activity that “can lead to eternal life.”

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